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Travel Kiosk Apps

Travel Kiosk Apps

Marketing Travel Industry

You put a lot of time and money in your brochure and/or magazine. With a printed brochure, your prospect can only be "asked" to take action, for example, going to your website or email for more information.
Your prospect needs to pick a device or going behind the PC, they may fail to do so (people are lazy). But... with a tablet and our Travel Kiosk Apps, your prospect can directly open the link for reservations or e-mail you directly if necessary. Its also possible to include a video in your brochure.
Because our Apps can be used with or without Internet connection, your prospects can read and see your interactive brochure anytime and anywhere! Reading while travelling!

Publish your brochure in our destination Kiosk!

When people are preparing their vacation, they like to have the latest information about their vacation destination. Also people like to see more just before they go on their vacation, or travelling to it (e.g. by reading while they are on the plane).
This is what Travel Kiosk App makes the ideal App. It's not just touching and reading dry facts... No, people like to be entertained, read a brochure or magazine instead of reading facts only. Also, your brochure becomes easily available for the entire world to see.
Make sure that your brochure is in one of our Destination Travel Kiosk App and receive worldwide reservations and guests!

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